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Application ENGLISH

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1 Application ENGLISH el Dom Ago 19, 2012 10:31 pm

Well guys!

Actually, we are playing in xRO(WoE Sunday)
We are recruiting without need specific job, post that you wanna play with us.

- Application title: Your job of WOE+SV YOUR PLAYING

I > Gender?, Years?, Name?, Where are you from?:

II > Post a picture of your PC, whether general PC and graphics card:


Windows XP:

Start> Run> Write: "dxdiag" and after that go to System, then to screen, and take an image, eg:

Windows Seven:

Start> Computer> Properties on your desktop> Screen:

Start> Search programs and files> write: dxdiag and then will display:

III > Upload pictures of your character showing: Build / equipment / skills / usable, and explain your main job:

I recommend you get on your Screens http://imageshack.us link and put it separately example: "http:// SPACE imageshack.us"

IV > You have ROmedic and AHK?

V > Which others guilds did you play before?:

Procedure for your Apply: Follow the steps of the form and a NEW POST CREATE.


Ver perfil de usuario http://www.nomercyguild.foroes.org

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