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1 heavenro invitation el Lun Jun 30, 2014 5:15 pm



Woe time

Wednesday 21h00-23h00 ( in france )
Sunday 21h00 - 23h00( in france )

guild limitation 19+3

Guild here in woe 4

Server sécurisé By Adelay

We cannot use POtnd In server.

Hello everyone, the guild packs are now available on Heaven RO.

You can get them under relatively strict conditions.

The first Guild Pack given to a guild will have an expiration date of about 3 weeks (to be fixed) while the guild will be under a kind of « test », and if the guild does not WoE or have bad behavior (troll or something), it wont be given the real permanent Guild Pack. The permanent Guild Pack could also get withdrawn from a guild under different conditions like stopping WoE or serious misconduct.

You can ask for a guild pack by Private Message with Pink Daddy.
- A guild forum
- Guild already existant or present on Heaven RO
- All the members are present when you are given your guild pack.
Be warned, the staff will be really vigilant with the guilds that receive a guild pack.

Content of a guild pack :

Individual Pack :
x1 Feather Beret
x1 Tidal Shoes
x1 Wool Scarf
x2 Glove [1]
x1 Basic Cards Pack (raydric, marc, thara frog, zerom)
x100 Cash points
x200 Valor Badge
x200 Bravery Badge
x150 Battle Badge
5 000 000 zeny
Guild pack (15 members ~) :

x2 MvP Pack (Satan or Valkyrie)
x1 Combat Knife
x2 Proxy Skin
x1 Silver RWC Hat
x1 Purple Cowboy Hat
x3 Holy Marcher Hat
x2 Ramen Hat
x1 Salamander card
x4 Abysmal Knight card
x6 Cecil Damon card
x3 Gemini S-58 card
x5 Hat Low/Mid free
30 Battle Field Manual (300%)
30 Bubble Gum

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